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Talks and Courses

Below you can review some of the talks and courses I have delivered. Depending on the case, there might be different materials available: recordings, slides and/or derivative articles or books.


Title Year Event Resources
Building a Cloud Native Platform to Provide Lab Instances at CloudBees University 2020 DevOps World
Virtual, Worldwide
Video (English),
Slides (English)
Everything As Code: Applying CI & CD to Training Development 2019 DevOps World - Jenkins World
Lisbon, Portugal
Video (English),
Slides (English),
Article (English)
Agile Software Development - Beyond Projects 2019 University of La Laguna (ULL)
Tenerife, Spain
Slides (English),
Article (English)
Everything “as-code”. El Caso de CloudBees University 2019 TLP Innova
Tenerife, Spain
Video (Spanish), Slides (Spanish)
¿Qué define a un buen desarrollador de software?
…¿Lo tienes claro?
2018 TLP Innova
Tenerife, Spain
Slides (Spanish),
Article (English)
Estimaciones en Desarrollo de Software…
Un Juego en el que Todos Perdemos
2017 Agile & Craftmanship Canarias + Aceleradora de Startups “Mentor Day”
Tenerife, Spain
Video (Spanish),
Slides (Spanish),
Article (English)
Integración y Entrega Continua:
Prácticas Clave en Desarrollo de Software
2017 TLP Innova
Tenerife, Spain
Slides (Spanish), Article (English)
10+1 Valuable Lessons I learned from my Failed Startup 2015 University of La Laguna (ULL)
Tenerife, Spain
Slides (English), Article (English)
Vocabulary Notebook:
A Digital Solution to General and Specific Vocabulary Learning Problems
in a CLIL Context
2014 International Workshop on Technological Innovation
for Specialized Linguistic Domains
Ávila, Spain
Slides (English),
Article (English)
A Process and a Tool to Assess Vocabulary Learning for Computer Science Engineers 2014 IEEE Education Engineering (EDUCON)
Istambul, Turkey
Slides (English), Article (English)
Premio Accésit a “Vocabulary Notebook”.
Premios Empresariales Fundación FYDE-CajaCanarias 2012
2012 Premios Empresariales
Fyde CajaCanarias
Teneife, Spain
Video (Spanish),
Slides (Spanish)
Integración de herramientas de modelado, recopilación y explotación de datos.
Aplicaciones prácticas en casos reales
2011 University of La Laguna
Tenerife, Spain
Video (Spanish),
Slides (Spanish),
Book (Spanish)

* Some of the talks above have been presented in multiple places at multiple times. The latest delivery has been listed.


Title & Length Topic Where & When Resources
Analítica Web y Métricas Para Startups
(1 Day, 4 hours)
Startup Metrics
Web Analytics
Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI)
Canary Islands, Spain

Slides (Spanish)
No Maltrates a tus Usuarios:
Buenas Prácticas en Diseño de Interfaces Web / Móbiles
y la Importancia de las Métricas de Uso

(5 days, 20 hours)
User Experience (UX) &
Web Analytics
University of La Laguna (ULL)
Tenerife, Spain

Slides (Spanish):
D1 - Intro
D1 - Tools
D2 - Best/Worst Practices
D3 - Responsive & Mobile
D4 - Resources
D4 - A/B Testing & Analytics
D5 - Real Cases
D5 - User Interviewss
D5 - Test Automation