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Genetic Algorithms Figuring Out Startup Life Choices

In late 2015, based on all the lessons learned from my startup experience, I decided to create a representation of the different choices startups encounter through their lives, as a map; and then assigned some values and scores to them, so that Genetic Algorithms could be used as a way to learn to navigate those choices.

Originally this was implemented as a dektop application, but I have recently built a web application to let users experiment with Genetic Startups. Here is a quick demo video:

Telling a story based on the algorithm result

Apart from creating random maps with the different choices, modifying the settings and running the algorithm; there is also a feature to tell a story, based on the final path selected by our algorithm; as if it was the real story of a startup. This feature is showcased in the following video:

More information

If you want to learn more about how the algorithm is implemented or about the tech stack behind this web application, you can take a look at the following video, or visit the info section of Genetic Startups.

Want to contribute?

Genetic Startups is open source software. It is also a work in progress and a hobby project, so many improvements can be made. Constructive contributions are welcome. Please feel free to comment in this post, or refer to the main GitHub repository of the project for more information on how to contribute. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Significant revisions

2021, Jul 17: First version published.