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Giving Octopress a Shot for This New Blog

I’ve been trying to set up a new Blog for a while, but to use a nice excuse, I haven’t had enough time to do it. On Friday I was talking with my workmate Axel about Octopress and it seemed interesting to me. I have just finished the installation and deployment of it using GitHub and it has been rather easy.

While I was reading about Octopress, I found this post where the author writes about the importance of static rendering for webpages and blogs at present. Nowadays the most popular CMS systems store post and pages in a database and then they build the pages from the database on every request. Although it is also true that there are some cache plug-ins to improve this behavior, he states that this traditional implementation is inefficient. This idea reminded me that two years ago, when I built my own CMS for personal websites Sigecu CMS, I had this idea in mind, so what I did was to generate a static HTML page every time the user makes a change in the website, avoiding this problem. I would try to write some posts in the future about Sigecu.