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About Me

My name is Romén Rodríguez-Gil and I live in the beautiful island of Tenerife (Spain). I am a Software Engineer, UX Researcher and Internet Entrepreneur. You can contact me or read more about me either in LinkedIn or Twitter. However, below you will find a short bio:

I studied in the University of La Laguna (Tenerife, Spain) both my B.Eng and my M.Eng in Computer Science & Engineering, obtaining in both cases the Highest GPA Award.

After that I worked as a Researcher in the Ematic project for a while and then started working as Analyst and Front-End Engineer at Arte Consultores, a software company focused on eGovernment and Statistics Software. There I worked in several projects, such as Stat4you.

My entrepreneurial spirit has always involved me in many personal projects, such as Sigecu CMS or Turawet. This entrepreneurial spirit was taken to the next level when I founded Langproving and started leading our product Vocabulary Notebook. With this latter project we were awarded several prizes from Spanish and European institutions, participated as speakers in several international events, published research in different journals about education and reached more than 30 000 users in 130 countries. It was an amazing experience.

After that I have been Lead UX Engineer and Product Manager of Gaming TV, as well as Software Engineer at Guud and Platino.

Moreover, I have always saved time to give talks and courses about Entrepreneurship, Software Development and User Experience in different institutions, including University of La Laguna, PCTT or Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI).

So far, this professional path has made me specialize in different roles such as: “Software Engineer”, “Product Manager” or “User Experience Researcher”, although I am always willing to learn and embrace new challenges.